About Us

30 Years Of Experience

Digitaldocs Records management Services Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing records and document Storage Company in India. The company was established in the year of 2018 with a clear vision of creating an efficient document management systemfor various document sensitive-organizations, such as financial advisory firms, Insurance and banking sector, law firms, audit firms, media &entertainment houses and telecom industries.

Here, we not only help you to reorganize your business records in a systematic manner but also protect them from all sorts of natural and man-made threats like fire, moisture, pests, and sabotage. In short, we are the guardian of your sensitive business records, protecting them from getting lost or mishandled.

Ever since our inception, we have played a pivotal role in promoting the importance of document management in this country, thereby ushered in a new era in the field of document-storage-management.

Our Mission & Vision:

  • To spread the importance and need of record management.
  • To provide an excellent document management services.
  • To safely manage the growing volumes of records & document.
  • To make record management affordable for a layman.

People: backed by highly skilled manpower from the record management industry.

Infrastructure: Advanced warehousing & smart storage facilities are our strength.

Technology: Cutting edge technologies gives us an edge over our competitors.

Clientele: Our varied clientele is the testimony to our understanding.

What our clients say

I was looking for someone who could help me manage my documents online but should also assure me of utmost privacy and security. I was having a hard time finding the right fit before an ex-colleague of mine suggested Digitaldocs to me. And I am glad to say that there has been no turning back since then. Their document digitization, cloud storage and safeguard management service has made my life easier and sorted. I completely rely on them for all my document management and they do the task pretty well. If you are someone who has faced the same problem, Digitaldocs can be your perfect solution.

Having trusted Digitaldocs for our firm's record management proved absolutely worth it! They made Record and Data Management a completely hassle-free and easy experience for us. We, as a company, are enjoying their service so much that we have decided to work with them for a very-long period of time now. Highly recommended to other firms who have had a hard time managing their records. We assure that Digitaldocs will make your life easier just like they have made ours.

Digitaldocs has several centers across the country which makes it so much easier for vendors like me to get the things done as fast as possible. Digitaldocs not only lets you serve wherever you like but also helps you manage the compilation and distribute tasks in a way that you would be stuck to them with glue. The management team is co-operative, helpful and they tend to simplify each and every problem for you.

The solution includes the ability to address the problems efficiently and effectively and is designed to put together on-site infrastructure supportive of content management and intelligent functions such as enterprise search to develop flexible, cost-effective solutions.

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